Trial Flights

A trial flight is an introductory flying lesson, and a great way to find out what gliding is all about. A 7–15 minute flight in one of our two seat gliders with a qualified instructor will give you a chance to take the controls and learn to fly the aircraft from your first flight. A first trial flight in a glider costs £50. Should you choose to take additional trial flights on the same day, those are charged at a cost of £30 each. This may seem like a lot, but it also includes transport to and from the airfield and the participants say that it is generally well worth the money.

After taking a Trial Flight, you will also be offered a discounted membership!

Find out when the next trial flights are going to be by signing up to our trial flight mailing list. We organise trial flight days a several times though the year, including around freshers’ week.


You are either…

a student at Cambridge Universitya student at Anglia Ruskin Universitya member of staff at Cambridge UniversityYou do not…

weigh more than 16 stone (102 kg)suffer from, in the present or past, any of the following: epilepsy, fits, severe head injury, recurrent fainting, giddiness or blackouts, unusually high blood pressure, a previous coronarytake insulin regularly for the control of diabetes


What to expect

A short briefing DVD.A full briefing from your experienced instructor about what to expect during your flight.We will help you fit your parachute and get strapped in to the glider.A flight in a two-seat dual-controlled glider lasting about 7–15 minutes.You’ll have the opportunity to do some of the flying yourself, if you want to.What to bring

Plenty of warm clothes, layers are bestPractical waterproof shoes for walking on a possibly wet field, walking boots are bestSunglassesCamera