We fly from the Cambridge Gliding Club at Gransden Lodge Airfield

Gransden Lodge Airfield
Longstowe Rd
Little Gransden
SG19 3EB, UK

By car

The easiest way to travel is by car. The drive takes around half an hour. Weorganise regular lifts to the airfield via our transport mailing list which you cansubscribe to once you have joined the club. Drivers may ask you to make acontribution to their fuel costs. If you are driving yourself other memberswould very much appreciate it if you offered lifts to them via the mailing list.

By bike

Many CUGC members cycle to the airfield, it takes between 0:45 to 1:15depending on how good your bike is. Most of the route is along flat countryroads. There is a cycle path that follows the road from Cambridge to Toft, andfrom there it is only a few miles to the airfield.

By public transport

There are two bus routes you can take:

  • 18 / 18A Bus (Cambridge-Bourn-Cambourne) - Monday to Saturday: The best place toget off is at Bourne, and then walk to the airfield using the same route asthe cycle route shown.
  • City 4 / Uni 4 Bus (Cambridge to Cambourne) Monday to Sunday: You will need towalk from Cambourne to Gransden Lodge Airfield, but you may be able to findsomebody to give you a lift to Cambourne on the way back.
  • X3 (Cambridge-Cambourne-Huntingdon)
  • 905 (Cambridge-Cambourne-Bedford)

By taxi

Sometimes sharing a taxi with your friends might be the easiest option.CUGC will reimburse to members:

  • 40% of the cost of taxi journeys between Bourn or Camborne and the airfield
  • 25% of the cost of taxi journeys to/from the airfield to any other destination(including Cambridge)
  • No single member can receive more than £25 in taxi reimbursements in a calendarmonth, up to a total of £100 per membership period (1 year).

More detail about our taxi reimbursement scheme can be found here.