Varsity Match 2021

The 2021 Varsity Match for Gliding was held at Gransden Lodge Airfield from June 22nd to 24th, a Cambridge home game. It was a Cambridge win, with 333 points against Oxford’s 279. The Cambridge team consisted of Charlie, Flavio, Matt, Eszter and Peter. Oxford brought Francesca, Aili, Siobhan, Tai-Ying and Azmi with Neil Swinton, the Chief Flying Instructor.

Interunis Competition 2021

After a year without expeditions, CUGC decided to take part in Interunis in July. This is a friendly competition between university gliding clubs, offering a range of different point-scoring opportunities, suitable for all level. The premise is ideal for university clubs like CUGC, with our majority pre-solo or early solo membership.


Gliders are remarkably capable machines. In 2020-21, an instructor at Cambridge Gliding Centre (CGC) offered Aerobatics instruction. CUGC member, Charlie Brooker, describes his experience learning about loops, steep turns and even more exciting maneuvers. After this training, Charlie successfully completed his Standard Aerobatic Badge for gliding, allowing him to fly these aerobatics solo.