General Gliding / Flight

When do you fly?

During the summer the airfield is open 7 days a week. During the winter the airfield is open on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. During the summer we run evening flying on Tuesday and Thursdays which starts at 5pm and finishes at Sunset.

We also run several week long expeditions during the holidays.

Is it safe?

Absolutely!  Gliding clubs have safety as their priority, making it safer than other daily activities like cycling or driving.

How long can gliders fly for?

The length of the flight depends on weather, type of glider, launch method, and pilot skill. On good days it is not uncommon for glider pilots to fly 100-300km and stay in the air for many hours. In the UK 1,000 km flights are sometimes performed, while the world record is now over 3,000 km.