Flying lessons / Instruction

Learning to pilot any aircraft can seem a bit imposing, but none of us were born knowing how to fly and the process of learning is carefully structured, to make it easy and safe.

Instruction is available free of charge to all CUGC members.

If you want instruction you need to book on the Cambridge Gliding Club website's Two seater booking page.

Two Seat Booking System

Then click on "Login"

You will have recived an email with your login details, but they are usually :

Firstname SURNAME


You will now be able to see the available slots. Click on "Book" to book your training session

Please do not book sessions until you know you will be able to attend 

Two Seat Booking System

You are given an option to confirm your booking and state why you wish to have instruction. New students should select Pre-Solo Trianing.


In Winter (Nov - Mar): AM Slots run from 8:45 to 12:30 while PM Slots are from 12:30 to Sunset

In Summer (Apr - Oct): AM Slots run from 8:45 to 13:30 while PM Slots are from 13:30 to 18:00.