Notams, short for Notices to Airman, are safety notices that pilots mush check before flying solo. The offical notam site is at National Air Traffic Service however early solo pilots may find that they are difficult to unserstand as they are written in code. Skydemon Light places notams on a map and is much easier to use.

Airspace Map

The map below shows the airspace below 6,000 ft. As gliders rarely fly above 6,000 ft unless they are wave soaring this map shows the most relavant airsapce to glider pilots. 

Airsapce comes in different categories A - G (open). Gliders are banned from Class A airspace, and a pilot requireds a Radio Licence to enter most Classes of airspace. Therfore, most gliding takes place in Class G (open) airspace. The circles of airspace are ATZ and MATZ (Air Traffice Zones and Military Airt Trafic Zones) which surround airfields.

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Map of airspace in the UK under 6,000 ft as of 2013 Class G not shown for clarity. This map should not be used for task planning.

All pilots fling cross county must carry an up-to-date airspace map. You can buy this year's map from the office.

To read the airspace check out this PDF guide.

Basic Naviagaion Theory