Gliding Costs - Long Term

If you are thinking of taking gliding up as a hobby, you are probably interested in how much it going to cost in the long term, we usually think of going solo as costing abouth the same as the Varsity ski trip.

A typical day gliding - pre solo

A student booked in on a normal half day instruction slot should get 3-4 winch flights or 1 long soaring flight, you can do as much or as little gliding as you chose on any particular day (subject to capacity). Soaring is only possible in certain weather conditions and is most common between May and August.

Item Cost Quantity Total
Winch Flights (0:10 with instructor) £12.95 3 £38.85
Winch Flight (1:00 with instructor) £21.45 1 £21.45

A typical day gliding - post solo

After going solo you will quickly convert to flying single seaters, you will also tend to do fewer longer soaring flights rather than the many short flights you do during training.

Item Cost Quantity Total
Winch Flights (0:10 in Junior) £12.65 3 £37.95
Winch Flight (1:00 in ASW19b) £18.25 1 £18.25
Winch Flight (3:00 in ASW19b) £36.25 1 £36.25

The cost of going solo

The cost of gliding depends on you level of commitment and students can fly at a range of budgets. Below is an example of a "typical" student who aims to get from complete beginner to solo. This is not the cheapest option, but the most common.

Item Cost Quantity Total
Membership £80.00 1 £80.00
Winch Flights (10 min each with instructor) £12.95 50 £647.50
Aerotow Flights (20 min with instructor) £28.74 2 £57.48
Miscellaneous £20.00 1 £20.00
    Total £804.98

Coming twice a month will allow you to progress to solo reasonably quickly.