Recommended Reading

While you will be taught theory during your flights with instuctors we strongly recommend you support this with background reading. There are several good books for beginners:

  • The Glider Pilots Manual by Ken Stewart
  • Gliding, From Passenger to Pilot by Steven Longland


More advanced pilots should get:


For a student on a tight budget there are a number of old gliding books aviaible online for free. Free books tend to be decades old and may have out of date information including safety related guidance. This a secltion of free complete ebooks from the Wally Kahn Library.

Teaching Harry to Fly - David Millett 1994

Gliding in 8 Days - Adrian Morgan 1990

Gliding and Soaring - Bill Scull 1977

Soaring Across County - Bill Scull 1987

Cross-Country Soaring - Helmut Reichmann 1978

The Handbook of Glider Aerobatics - Mallinson & Wollard 1999

Meteorology and Flight - Tom Bradbury 2000

BGA Manual - BGA 2002


External Resources

Free Ebooks from the Wally Kahn Library

Free Magazine Archive

FAA Glider Flying Handbook - Warning this is a USA publication, and some information is incorrect in the UK, it also has a few known mistakes. It has limited information on winch launching as this is uncommon in the USA.