Light Aircraft Pilots Licence (Sailplanes)

Theory Exams

There are 9 theory exams which you must pass (75% or above). In total there are 120 multiple choice questions covering the 9 topic areas of:

Air Law and ATC Procedures

Human Performance

Meteorology - Weather Information


Principles of Flight (Sailplane)

Operational Procedures (Sailplane)

Flight Performance and Planning (Sailplane)

Aircraft General Knowledge, Airframe and Systems, and Emergency Equipment (Sailplane)

Navigation (Sailplane)

Flying Skills Test

There is a pratical flying test in 4 sections. You can take the flight skills test as many times as needed, but failing any part of a section requires you to retake the whole section.

Section 1: Pre-flight operations and departure

Section 2: Lanuch method

Section 3: General Airwork

Section 4: Circuit, Approach, and Landing

Experience Requirement

Before applying for your LAPL(S) you must have completed:

  • At least 15 hours flying in gliders
  • Including 10 hours instructed flying in gliders
  • Including 2 hours solo flying in gliders
  • At least 45 launches and landings
  • 1 solo cross country flight of 50 km or instructed flight of 100 km