Fundraising - The Future of CUGC

Please get in touch with the current committee if you want any more information about our fundraising activities, or use the link on the right of this page if you wish to make a donation


The Sky Leaders Two-Seater Fund

Target of £60,000 to buy a DG-505 glider

The hunt for a suitable two-seater, that can provide a basic trainer for the pre-solo members of the club, and also enable both cross-country training and aerobatics training for the Sky Lions team. This is a long term project and the fundraising is expected to take several years before enough is obtained to purchase and ensure that the aircraft can be expertly maintained.


An example of a DG505 decorated in the colours of the (now sadly defunct) Faulkes Flying Foundation - a charitable organiation that put them to excellent use encouraging youth aviation.


The Sky Learners Scholarship Fund

Target of £15,000 to allow £500 worth of gliding scholarships to be awarded each year

No one is born knowing how to fly, and most of the members of CUGC joined having never flown a glider before. Sadly with increasing costs of fuel, insurance and new regulation, the financial burden of gliding is becoming increasingly skewed towards those in the early stages of learning to fly.

CUGC has long been able to support those who've reached solo and bronze standard, with the resources dedicated to the Sky Lions gliding team. However now we like to extend this financial support to earlier in individuals training.

We wish to develope a targeted fund to encourage individuals that have shown:

(i) particular apptitude or enthusiasm for gliding and;

(ii) demonstrated commitment, through their personal support of club activities, above and beyond the call of duty, (that university gliding clubs rely on for their continued survival).