EASA Transiton Delayed

If you have been reading my previous posts about the upcoming EASA Transiton, there is good news.

The Transion has been delwayed until 2018.


We will operate under the old BGA system until at least April 2018. In particual for students this means:

  • You only need a cheap GP Medical, not an expensive LAPL Medical
  • You can work towards Bronze and Cross Country Endorsements and they will be valid until April 2018


I expect that the BGA will gradually change the Bronze and Cross Country Endorsement into something that will resemble the LAPL(S) over the next few years, at the moment we have few details.

Gliding Squash and Trial Flights

The gliding club squash will be held this Thursday 16th October at 7:30 pm in the Divinity School, St John's College. The Divinity School is on St John's Street, opposite the main entrance to the college. All are welcome and refreshments will be provided.

 Come along to find out more about gliding and the university club, such as competitions and expeditions. There will be a talk from a gliding instructor about learning to fly and you will have a chance to ask any questions you have. We will be showing some of the awesome video we took flying along the Pennines during our latest expedition and we will also be taking bookings for trial flights!

===== Trial Flights =====

There are currently trial flight days planned for Tuesday 21st and Thursday 23rd October, so keep these days free if you can! These will leave and return to Cambridge in 2-3 hour slots. There will be further organised opportunities in the future if these dates are not possible for you.

Trial flights cost £25. Please bring this money with you to the squash (preferably in cash) if you want to book there.

If we cannot fly you (e.g. due to bad weather), you will of course be given a full refund.

Varsity 2014

This year we were blessed with some fantastic weather for the Annual varsity match. The Oxford team came to Gransden for 2 days, where a strong performance on the first day secured their ultimate victory, with the scores at 525 to Oxford, and 478 to Cambridge.