BGA Bursaries for pre-solo pilots

The RAeS has awarded the British Gliding Association with a Centennial Fund Scholarship to the amount of £3,000. Consequently, the BGA has just announced that it will award 10 bursaries, of £300 each, to pre-solo pilots to help them further their career in aviation. This year's bursaries are available to those aged 14 to 21.

Applications should be made using the online application form at The form needs to be completed, printed and signed prior to returning to the BGA no later than 30th April 2014.

Should anyone who is interested need any advice or assistance with the application do feel free to ask any club officer or Committee member.

Good luck, and when you win one of the awards do let us know.


Neville Anderson Award

Applications are invited for the Neville Anderson award. As in previous years, Neville Anderson's widow and sister are offering a bursary, £300 this year, to recognise and encourage enthusiastic cadets and young pilots who have limited personal means by making an annual financial award in memory of Neville Anderson who loved to fly.

Applications are invited from members who are under the age of 23 and are in the Cadet scheme, the CGC Young Adults scheme, or CUGC members. Applicants must be in full time education and not in full time employment. It is likely that the award will be made to an individual who has flown regularly for at least a year and shows a high level of enthusiasm for flying and learning and who also gives time and effort to the club.

Applications should be submitted to the CGC Treasurer ( by 30 April outlining your current experience and why you are applying for the award. The award will be made in May.

Students and EASA

While the rain prevents flying it is a good time to think about the upcoming EASA transition. While the whole thing is very complicated the BGA and CGC have provided some good information to help experienced pilots.

BGA Guidance

CGC Presentation

Therefore this blog post is more targeted at student pilots.

What is happening?

On 8th April 2015 we are moving from a system of UK regulation to a system of European Regulation. This means that existing qualifications are no longer valid, and you will need to transition your qualifications or retrain.

The rule of thumb is: 

It is easier and cheaper to get BGA qualifications and transition them to EASA before April 2015, than it will be to get a qualification after April 2015.

Under the EASA system there will be a £84 admin fee for updating your qualifications (£42 if you are under 21). This applies to the initial transition and any additional amendments. For example, if you want to fly solo on the aerotow your will need an aerotow endorsement. If you meet the requirements before you transition, then you only pay £84/£42 once. But if you transition and then want to fly solo on the aerotow you will pay £84/£42 twice.